Sales made easy with cutting edge AI

Not the typical "summarize your meetings with AI" tool

  • Identify your customers' cognitive biases during sales calls

  • Learn what you don't know with custom AI analysis of every meeting.

  • Improved! Create a knowledge base of your customers which becomes smarter after every call.

  • Access unlimited amounts of your valuable data in seconds

  • Make informed decisions based on valuable business intelligence

  • Increase your sales success rate and outperform your competitors

  • Odyn AI is fully personalized for your business use cases

  • A simple user experience, no need for training

Augmented analytics examples

Create a report with the cognitive biases shown by Alex and how can I use them to sell my productWhat questions should I have made to my customer in the last call?Analyze my sales call with John Galt from MegaCorp using the MEDDIC sales framework in a scale of 1-10. Add feedback on how to improve my weakest areasI'm a sales director, create a report of every call my sales agents have done based on X parameters

Who we are?

Odyn AI is a Silicon Valley based company, we have developed cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that analyzes the audio of your calls on platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams and creates a knowledge base that gets smarter with every call.Our AI provides valuable insights into your customers' attitudes and takeaways during sales calls.You can access this knowledge base by simply asking our AI and you will get instant answers about your customers, past calls and internal information.You'll gain business intelligence and make informed decisions that lead to success.

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