4 Tips to Achieve Supply Chain Visibility


Supply chain visibility, or SCV, is more than a buzzword.

It’s a concept that impacts companies in every industry. That’s why research shows that it is becoming an increasingly critical strategic priority among firms. It’s what every company with logistics processes always aims for.

Total SCV, however, is easier said than done.

Here are four tips to achieve SCV in 2018.

Let’s get started!

1. Answer This Important Question about Supply Chain Visibility

Before we talk about how to achieve SCV, it’s critical that you ask yourself what this term even means.

Simply put, the visibility of the supply chain refers to the traceability or trackability of the orders and shipments of your products from the source of production to the proper destination.

Included in this are logistics activities as well as the milestones and events that occur before and during transit.

The goal of SCV? To empower and enhance your supply chain simply by making it easier for stakeholders to access information related to it easily.

With the right tools, you can acquire precise, real-time information concerning delivers, stock and orders in your outgoing and incoming networks.

The more you fully understand SCV, the easier it will be for you to help your company’s suppliers to comprehend how everyone involved benefits from enhanced visibility.

2. Collaborate with Suppliers

So, you’ve explained the value of the visibility of your supply chain to your suppliers. Now, you should work with them so that you both better understand what information you both need to enhance the services you offer to one another.

These key insights and metrics will serve as the foundation of your SCV.

3. Analyze Your Partners’ Systems

Now, it’s paramount that you analyze the systems that each of your supply chain partners uses in-house.

The purpose of this analysis here is to identify any gaps that must be resolved to enhance the flow of information locally.

4. Tap into Industry Expertise

Finally, get in touch with a company that specializes in improving SCV.

Look for a company that will provide for you a comprehensive picture of your company’s shipments down to individual pallets. This will ultimately allow you to maintain the integrity of your shipments and thus a high company service level.

How We Can Help

We take pride in our ability to help our customers to monitor the environments and locations of their shipments around the world.

With our help, you can gather the exact data you need to determine the performance of various trade lanes.

This will help you to improve your supply chain’s performance and understand future demands. As a result, you can decrease your inventory whenever you expect demand to be low. And in turn, you can more quickly respond to potential problems and improve your on-time deliveries.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how our supply chain visibility solutions can help you to optimize your business planning and demand forecasting. With our assistance, you can operate more efficiently and thus generate more revenue this year and beyond.

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