4 Logistics Technology Trends Shaping the Future of the Transport Sector


When you’re a logistics professional, you can’t be complacent and think you know everything about the industry.

No, you have to keep yourself updated on trends in the field. After all, technology continues to transform the handling of logistics around the world.

Yes, it can be frustrating. But it can also be exciting, offering great promise for improved supply chain management.

Here’s a rundown on four logistics technology trends that could impact your operations in the future.

Let’s jump in!

1. Logistics Technology Trend Includes the Growth of Autonomous Transportation

This is a trend you won’t want to overlook. Here’s why.

Autonomous transportation decreases the need to have human workers in warehousing. A such, it offers great potential for significant cost reduction as well as asset optimization.

The development of autonomous trucks has especially picked up steam within the past two years.

It may take some time for the makers of these vehicles to overcome the social acceptance, legal and safety issues tied to them. But when that happens, you can rest assured that you’ll start to see these vehicles widely used.

2. Automation

This is another logistics technology trend that is gaining popularity due to the ability to lower costs by eliminating human jobs.

In addition to reducing their human workforces, companies that take advantage of automation and robotics can greatly improve their efficiencies in warehousing and delivery.

What’s great about automation is that many companies can introduce it into their operations without having to make significant structural operations.

3. Social Responsibility

During the past three years or so, efforts to reduce a company’s carbon footprint have gained a lot more attention in the specific area of supply chain management.

As a result, you’ll likely hear the term “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) thrown around in the industry.

Most organizations’ CSR efforts up to now have been responses to the pressure that public opinion and legislation have placed on them.

These days, though, many organizations are taking a different approach to CSR. Instead of viewing it as something they have to do, they are considering it as something they want to do to help themselves.

For instance, CSR can be a way for companies to boost revenue, make their brands more appealing, and retain customers and employees.

As a result, this trend has become trendy, so to speak.

So, you can expect to see more logistics and supply chain professionals integrate social responsibility into their strategies going forward. For instance, they can use cutting-edge logistics technology to monitor, implement and report their sustainability efforts more efficiently.

4. Blockchain

This logistics technology trend is worth a look due to the many benefits it affords.

Blockchain is essentially a digitized public ledger featuring cryptocurrency transactions.

In the logistics world, using blockchain may improve the security of your supply chain by reducing fraud.

Blockchain can also reduce bottleneck and errors, as you no longer have to rely on paper to document transactions.

How We Can Help

ODYN helps large manufacturers optimize their in-transit inventory, leading to decreased working capital spend and increased customer service level. We do this by tracking and analyzing the movement of shipments around the world using our low-cost pallet tracking devices and predictive logistics intelligence suite.

Contact us to find out more about how our logistics technology can help your organization to be more efficient and profitable in the years ahead.

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