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What are Trade Wars?

Although the old British Empire has been blamed for many of the bad things in this world today, one good thing it was mainly responsible for was international trade on a global scale. Today global trade is part of everyday life with, not just most countries partaking in it, but many now depending on it […]

Bill of Lading: Everything You Need to Know

A bill of lading (BOL) is a document which carriers use for shipping freight and whilst it is an essential document for this purpose, many shippers have questions regarding why it must be used for every consignment. Hopefully the following information will answer those questions allowing shippers to be more understanding of its need and […]


Chassis Shortages at LA-Long Beach

Los Angeles, Long Beach is the largest US port complex with 12 container terminals and whilst operating efficiently in the past, it has more recently been experiencing difficulties. The difficulties are due to a shortage of chassis with which to move loaded containers from one terminal to another and the return of empty containers back […]


What Are the EDI Standards? Here’s a Comprehensive Guide!

Business transactions involve the exchange of documents such as purchase orders and invoices. Manual preparation and sending of such papers can be cumbersome. Humans can introduce errors and cause complications to the business process. Automation of these procedures contributes to speedy processing, fewer errors, reduced costs, and improved relationships amongst business partners. Parties in a […]


What to Look for When Picking Shipment Tracking Software

The shipping software market is worth billions and is growing extremely quickly. This means it’s more difficult to choose the right software for you and your company. Many programs promise a lot, but cannot accommodate larger companies. Others don’t integrate with your existing systems. Technology drives the entire modern shipping process. So it’s worth taking the […]


3 Trucking Industry Trends Dominating 2018

Are you facing increased demand and low trucking supply? E-commerce is changing the world of trucking: experts predict that spending will surpass the $3 trillion mark by 2020. Keeping track of trucking industry trends is important, especially for large manufacturing companies. The battle for final-mile shipping is being fought all over the United States as […]